Will We Be Together Tarot Spread

When it comes to matters of the heart, we may often feel confused and anxious about the future. You may have been dating someone and want to know if there is any potential there. Or, there may be troubles in your relationship that have created uncertainty for you and your partner.

By turning to Tarot, you are able to get guidance and clarity on the future of your love life. This ‘will we be together’ Tarot spread allows you to explore the potential of your relationship and work out if there is a future for you both.

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How to Perform a Will We Be Together Tarot Spread

Will We Be Together Tarot Spread Layout

This six-card Tarot spread dives deep into the potential between you and someone else. Before beginning the spread, visualize the person in your mind. Say their name out loud as you shuffle the cards.

Then, split the deck and pick six cards.

Card One: You

The first card pulled reflects you and your feelings towards this other person. It will show you where you are right now regarding love and what you need from a partner.

The meaning of this card may be pretty obvious, but you may need to meditate on it for a while. Sometimes, we don’t realize our true needs when it comes to love. Allow this card to bring you new ideas regarding your love life.

Card Two: Them

Will We Be Together Tarot ReadingThe second card pulled reflects the person you have in mind when you ask, ‘will we be together.’ It will show you where they are at regarding love and their feelings toward you.

These first two cards provide you with background information that will help you understand if you and this person have potential together.

Card Three: Outside Influences

The third card pulled in this ‘will we be together’ Tarot spread reveals any outside influences that will affect the future of you and this person.

This card will signify people, events, and situations you must consider when pursuing a relationship with the person you have in mind.

Card Four: What Brings You Together

The fourth card in this spread reveals the force that brings you and this person together. It will show you where and how you have the potential for love. It may reveal common beliefs and values or hobbies and interests that bring you together.

Watch out for any major arcana cards in this position, and they are usually a big sign that you will be together.

Card Five: What Needs Attention

The fifth card pulled represents what needs attention if you wish to move forward with a relationship with this person. Unlike the card that represents outside influences, this card usually shows you any internal conflict or issues that will arise.

This card may reflect any attitudes or actions you need to change in order for the relationship to work out.

Card Six: The Future

The final card is the one that really answers the question of if you and this person will be together. It will show you the probable future of you and this person and what your relationship may potentially look like.

Sometimes, the message here is clear. However, it may be necessary to reflect on the previous cards and work out what you can do to create the future you wish for.

Simple Three-Card Will This Relationship Work Spread

Will This Relationship Work Tarot Reading Three Card

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide how deep you want to go to get your answer.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Ask the Tarot: Are They Right For Me?

When we start dating someone new or face issues in a current relationship, we often think about the future. If you are wondering if you will be with this person, you may want to ask the Tarot: are they right for me?

We want to end up with someone that is right for us, and the Tarot can help us figure it all out. Shuffle the deck and ask, ‘is (name) right for me?’ Pick a card out of the deck and see if you can get a yes or no answer out of it. If the card’s meaning is positive, it suggests that this person is right for you.

If the card has a negative meaning, it suggests that the person might not be the one for you. Pull another card to gain clarity on this answer.

Important Cards for the Will We Be Together Tarot Spread

When performing a ‘will we be together’ Tarot spread, there are certain cards to look out for. These cards signify romance and therefore have huge implications for your love life!

The Lovers

This major arcana card represents romance, love, and harmony. There is the energy of trust and mutual support with the Lovers card, and it is always a great card to receive in a love reading.

If The Lovers appears in a ‘will we be together’ Tarot spread, it suggests that the connection you have with this person will allow you to create a future together. There may be challenges, but the Lovers reveals that the support and affection you share will allow you to overcome them.


Strength represents personal power and courage. It reminds us of the strength of compassion and support and how patience is a virtue when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

If this card appears in a ‘will we be together’ Tarot spread, it reveals that you will be together. However, there will be challenges on your love journey. You must face these challenges together with compassion and courage.

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