While your normal Tarot reading tends to focus on a specific topic or question, it can sometimes get a little broad. If you want to keep things simple, yes or no Tarot spreads give you an easy answer.

A simple yes or no. No middle ground or ambiguity (well, mostly none we’ll get to that in a moment). These can be single card readings or an entire spread.

If you want, I can do a free yes or no Tarot reading for you, show you how to do them yourself and I’d like to (at least briefly) cover the pros and cons of keeping your reading this focused on a yes or no question.

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Doing a Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Pros of a Yes or No Tarot Spreads

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes Tarot spreads can be a little long. It depends on the style of the reader but I like unlocking the full message of the Tarot which generally means a more complete spread.

If all you want is a simple answer to a simple question, perhaps this is too much. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression keep it simple stupid well, that can apply to Tarot readings as well. Why complicate things?

Quick disclaimer: While I can see the merits of a reading like this and I do them if asked. They are not my preference and I’ll usually make people aware of that. I can see that they might have their place but let’s take a look a the problems of a yes/no Tarot reading.

The Cons of a Yes or No Tarot Spreads

The short version: they can work, but they’re too limited.

The Tarot wasn’t designed to be forced to give an answer like this. Technology is changed us over the years and we’re used to instant gratification. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing. I am saying we’re trying to force the cards to do something against their purpose.

Each single individual Tarot card has a deep meaning and when you combine it into a spread the combinations of these meanings become virtually unlimited. This gives us answers, guidance and sometimes even more questions than we had when we started.

But this is how we get the true benefit of a Tarot spread. If you really want, I’m happy to do a reading for you (just tell me where to send it above) but I do suggest getting a free tarot spread rather than just a simple yes or no reading.

Why Some Cards Don’t Give an Answer

I said at the beginning there’s usually no vagueness and for the most part, that’s true. The problem (if you choose to see it as one) is that some cards, whether upright or reversed, won’t give you a single yes or no answer.

Perhaps the answer just isn’t that simple and you’re trying to box your deck into doing something it doesn’t want to do. You can keep pulling cards until you get the answer you want but at that point, you might as well turn the deck over and pick the answer you want to hear.

I’ll cover the different cards below and what they mean for this situation, be clear in your intention and question before you begin and accept the answer the cards provide even if it’s inconclusive.

If you do get a card that doesn’t give a simple answer then look deeper into the message of that card. Perhaps get a more complete spread for your question and see what the Tarot is really trying to tell you without limiting it.

Single Card Yes or No Tarot Meanings

Whether in a single card reading or a spread with a yes or no position, each card has a specific meaning. Often this will give you a simple answer (and a little deeper meaning if you choose to look for it which I do suggest). If you’re doing a reading for yourself, click the card below which arrived in your spread.

Major Arcana Cards

The High Priestess Yes or No: For a ‘yes or no’ question The High Priestess is almost always a yes! It’s the card of trusting your intuition and if you follow the guidance of this card you’re sure to get your way.

The Magician Yes or No: The Magician is a great omen for a yes or no reading and almost always answers yes! Your goal is certainly a possibility if it’s something you continue to pursue.

The Fool Yes or No: The Fool is the symbol of new beginnings and growth and overall it means yes. There might be some turbulence getting in the way however and this major arcana also offers advice on how to get your way.

The Lovers Yes or No: In a simple yes/no question, The Lovers card upright is a positive sign and a fairly firm yes but not yet a guarantee. When reversed there’s still potential but as things currently stand it’s a no. This Tarot card does offer guidance on how to improve your chances as well.

The Star Yes or No: The Star is one of the highest energy cards in the Tarot deck and a positive sign for ‘yes’. However, there’s also some strong guidance here on how to get your way.

The Tower Yes or No: The Tower is a symbol of high energy change. While it’s often misunderstood as a warning card, sometimes this change is in your favor. Often, this means yes.

The Hanged Man Yes or No: The Hanged Man refuses to give a simple yes or no answer but it’s not a card to be ignored. This is the Tarot card for change through letting go and transitioning, you may need to make some adjustments in order to get the result you want. It is neither positive nor negative and you might find your true answer buried deeper in the meaning of the card.

Justice Yes or No: The Justice card is a high energy major arcana but in a yes or no Tarot reading, it provides advice on getting what you want – it doesn’t give a yes or no answer itself. Justice is the symbol of neutral balance so things could go either way but it does want to help you.

Wheel of Fortune Yes or No: The Wheel of Fortune for a yes or no question means yes, as long as you are able to stay adaptable. It’s an incredibly good sign (as most major cards are in this situation) and signifies both a turning point in your life and good fortune in your immediate path.

The Devil Yes or No: The Devil major arcana is one of the more misunderstood cards in the deck. On the surface level, it often means no but the message runs deeper than that. It might be you’re restricting yourself from getting what you want and missing the bigger opportunity.

The Moon Yes or No: The Moon card is an interesting mix of success and a warning. You’re getting a yes but it’s not clear cut and there are some potential risks on your path ahead.

The Sun Yes or No: The Sun is a powerful symbol of light, life, and growth. It’s generally a great sign and the universe is screaming yes! However, there’s also a reason you get this specific card and The Sun offers guidance on how to get what you want.

Judgement Yes or No: The Judgement card is a symbol of neutrality but, as a major arcana, is still leaning towards yes. If you want to guarantee you get your way, the card offers advice on making it happen.

The World Yes or No: The World is a sign that yes you’ll get what you want if it’s something truly beneficial.

The Emperor Yes or No: The Emperor card almost always signals yes – especially if your goal is to manifest positive change in the physical world. The symbol of structure and authority, this card heralds well-ordered progression ahead.

The Hierophant Yes or No: The Hierophant card means yes if (and only if) you are able to seek wisdom on the choices ahead. There’s the potential to get what you want but it won’t happen by itself.

The Empress Yes or No: The Empress always means yes when asked a yes or no question. However, there’s some much deeper advice to be divined from this card to help you get what you want sooner.

Strength Yes or No: The Strength card means yes, not only can you get what you want but you can do it without waiting around for anyone or anything else. Your path is staring you right in the face.

Death Yes or No: The Death card is not a harbinger of physical death. It’s not always a bad sign either. Death can either be a yes or a no depending on the position of the card and the situation surrounding your spread.

The Chariot Yes or No: The Chariot is almost certainly a yes for a yes or no question. As a major arcana and a symbol of movement and progress, the card suggests you’re driving forwards towards a positive outcome.

Pentacles Suit

Ace of Pentacles Yes or No: For a simple yes/no question the Ace of Pentacles upright tends to mean yes with abundance while reversed, it means no (unless you make changes which we’ll look at in a moment). As with every Ace Tarot card, there’s further guidance here which you should be paying attention to so you don’t miss something.

Page of Pentacles Yes or No: The Page of Pentacles is the card of manifestation. For a yes or no question it’s a strong indication of yes in any position however the Page is a go-getter who may need to work for the result and not just wait for it.

Three of Pentacles Yes or No: The Three of Pentacles is the card of teamwork and implementation. In a yes or no question it’s a strong indication towards yes, however, you may need to make some changes to see it happen.

Temperance Yes or No: The Temperance card is a major arcana and almost always an auspicious sign making it a good sign for a yes or no spread. Generally, this means the answer is yes! However, it’s also a call for patience and waiting for the right moment.

The Hermit Yes or No: The Hermit card is often a yes card, however, it’s often more of a yes if… depending on the type of question you’re asking. The Hermit is the symbol of soul searching and inner guidance and this card has much wisdom to share with you if you’ll hear it.

Wands Suit

King of Wands Yes or No: The King of Wands is the symbol of vision and means a definite yes if your goal is something positive and honorable. This is a powerful and complex card and provides guidance in many different situations.

Queen of Wands Yes or No: The Queen of Wands almost always answers yes. As a major arcana, this is the symbol of confidence and determination. Your goals won’t be simply handed to you but with determination, you can ensure you get what you want.

Knight of Wands Yes or No: When the Knight of Wands arrives in a yes or no reading the answer is a resounding yes! This is the card of a natural-born leader, capable of taking risks and seeing things through to the end.