A Friend or Foe Tarot Spread: Pick the Right Friends

A friend or foe tarot spread can give you insight into someone’s intentions. Are they someone you can rely on or will they let you down? Will you be friends forever and how invested is this person in your friendship?

Let’s let the Tarot give us some insight.

I’ll show you how to quickly perform this spread yourself or, if you’d like, I can do a spread for you.

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Using the Tarot for Friend or Foe Readings

A card reading can give you an insight into many aspects of your friendship. Remember that the best way to let the Tarot guide you is to take the meaning of cards as a combination.

Single card readings might get you some insight but I’d suggest doing at least a 3 card reading and allowing the combination of cards to guide your friendships.

Remember to set your question for the Tarot cards before you begin to draw any cards. Be clear about who your reading is focused on and don’t decide afterward.

If you’d rather do the reading yourself, I’ll show you a couple of quick three-card spreads you can use.

How to Do a Friend or Foe Tarot Reading

If you’re doing a reading yourself, I suggest this simple 3 card spread. Before beginning:

  • Be clear about your intent and question.
  • Make sure you cleanse your Tarot deck.
  • Hold the person’s face clear in your mind as you draw the three cards (unless you’re doing a blind reading).

Card 1: Their View of Your Friendship

friendship friend or foe tarotThe first card in your spread will give you an insight into how their view your friendship. Where they see it going and how highly they value the connection.

If you get a warning or a negative card in this position it’s likely this person is a foe, however, it could just be there’s a blockage in your friendship which could be cleared to improve your relationship together.

Remember that whether they are a friend or foe may be subjective and this should be taken in the context of your next two cards.

Card 2: The Purpose of This Friendship

The second card in your spread gives you an insight into the purpose of the friendship. Where it can lead (the good and the bad) and how the two of you can grow from it.

If you get a warning card in this position it might be time to cut bait and get out while you’re ahead.

Card 3: The Future of the Friendship

The final card gives you an insight into the near future of the friendship. A positive card here bodes well for a solid friendship in the future.

This card can also provide guidance on how you can improve the friendship (if needed) or what they might do to improve their connection with you.

How to Do a Future Friendship Tarot Spread

If you want to focus on the future of an existing (or potential) friendship you can look beyond just the friend and foe aspect. You might still get warning cards here, but this type of spread is more focused on what the friendship will bring.

Card 1: Obstacles Blocking your Friendship

The first card in the Tarot reading focuses on what is currently blocking your friendship. This is something you (or they) can do to tighten your bonds together.

You might get a card like The World which suggests there is no problem in your friendship but, again, take this in the context of the other cards in your spread.

Card 2: Benefits of the Friendship

The second card will show you the benefits of the friendship. This is what the bond will bring you either in the present or in the future.

This might be personal, professional or even spiritual. Close friends often push each other to do better in all aspects of our lives and the Tarot can help us learn which areas this person will help us progress in.

Card 3: Long Term Future of the Friendship

Your final card helps you to look at the long-term future of the friendship. Where you might be 10 years from now or even if you’ll be connected in another lifetime.