Guiding Illness Tarot Spread

One of the most popular reasons that people seek answers from tarot cards is when they are suffering from an illness or they are struggling with their mental health. Using illness tarot spreads can provide people with the closure that they need when they are struggling to accept their current health status, as well as giving guidance and advice on how they can recover from their illness.

Below we have included an illness tarot spread that will provide you with the answers that you seek. If you’d like me to do a Tarot spread for you I do free Tarot readings just tell me where to focus or if you’d rather do one yourself, this is how I would do this kind of communication spread.

Note: A Tarot spread can help guide you towards better health but should not replace actual medical advice.

How to Do an Illness Tarot Spread

This illness tarot spread will inform you of your current health status, and whether it is affecting your mental health as well as your physical health. You will also receive multiple cards that will detail both the short-term and long-term actions that you need to complete in order to recover from the illness.

The last card will display what the future has in store for you once you have recovered or finished treatment for your illness.

Card One: Your Current Health Status

The first card you will receive will symbolize your current health status. This may simply display a card with either positive or negative connotations, or perhaps it may give you further insight into what the illness is.

For example, it may allude to a current health crisis involving either your physical or mental health.

Card Two: Issues From The Past That Are Influencing Your Present

Now that you are aware as to whether you have either a negative or positive health status, this card will inform you if the issue you are suffering with may relate to a problem you had in the past.

Maybe a past injury is currently flaring up, or the treatment you sought previously is now failing you. If the issue you are currently having is because of something you are already aware of, you will be able to fix the issue quickly and easily.

Card Three: How You Can Improve Your Health

Sickness Tarot SpreadPerhaps you are unaware of how you should move forward, and you do not know what steps to take in order to improve your health. This card will inform you of what your first step to recovery is. Whether it is coming to terms with the illness yourself, or seeking outside help.

This card may also explain the overall method you can use to improve your health yourself.

Card Four: What You Need To Do To Improve Your Health

You now know how to improve your health. This next card will inform you of the action you need to take in order to get better.

You may see this card as your road to recovery as it may show the long-terms steps you need to take in order to get better.

Card Five: The Immediate Changes You Need To Make To Improve Your Health

After receiving the long-term actions you must take in order to recover, this card will show you what immediate changes you must take in order to start improving your health.

This card could symbolize that you need to seek outside help, perhaps telling a family member or doctor. Or it may have a more personal meaning, perhaps that you need to help yourself first.

Card Six: Your Mental Health In Relation To Your Physical Health

The sixth card that will be drawn will symbolize your current mental health status, and whether that is being affected by your current physical health. Here you may discover that your physical pain or illness is having a greater effect on your mental health than you were aware of, or you may now discover a link between the two.

Alternatively, you may discover the thoughts and feelings that you are currently experiencing might not be related to your illness or pain and is a completely separate issue.

Card Seven: Your Path To Recovery

The penultimate card you receive may be similar to the fourth card that was drawn. This is because they both map out the actions and steps you need to take in order to recover from your illness.

You can compare these cards together in order to gain a clearer picture of your path to recovery, as both cards will probably complement each other.

Card Eight: The Future

The last card in this illness tarot spread will symbolize your future. This usually displays your life after you have recovered from your illness, or may even give you an insight into how long the road to recovery is.

Perhaps you will experience a new life event because of your treatment, or maybe recovering from your illness will change some aspects of your current life.

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