Life Purpose Tarot Spread to Find Your Calling

A life purpose Tarot spread can help you find a fulfilling path and accomplish things that you might never have dreamed of. It can help you find the right path and lead you to the kind of success you can only know when you’re following your true life purpose.

This spread helps you understand what you’re supposed to do and where your true happiness will come from.

Free Life Purpose Tarot Spread

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Asking the Tarot: What Is My Life Purpose?

On some level, your intuition already knows what your path is. But life’s distractions and outside influences can make it hard to hear the answers from your inner voice. This is where tarot spreads can help you understand what you already know.

There’s already a life path that calls to you. This brings it to light and your conscious mind.

Whether you have a specific question for your spirit guides or you feel completely lost about what you should be doing, a life purpose Tarot spread can give you some incredibly useful insight.

If you do choose to do the spread yourself to look at your life’s purpose, just be incredibly clear on your question before you even touch a card. Do you want to focus on your financial security and career? Your family? The overall journey and the calling before you?

How to Perform a Life Purpose Tarot Spread

Life Purpose Tarot Spread Layout

This is the layout I use to explore a personal life purpose. You can modify it and add clarifying cards to each position if needed, but the base six cards are a good place to start.

You can develop the thread to support any area of your life, but I would try and keep this as focused as you can on your life purpose. You can dig deeper into specific topics (like your past lives and positive traits) with an additional spread afterward.

Card 1: Life Purpose Overview

The first card in the tarot reading gives you an overall look at your life purpose. What were you put here to do? This card represents the calling the universe has given you but won’t always account for all circumstances.

Your life purpose cannot be summed up in a single card, and you should continue to follow the complete tarot spread (and your intuition), so it makes sense. The power of the cards is in combination and position. Not this card alone.

Card 2: Inner Strengths

Life Path Tarot SpreadFrom spiritual connection to creativity, this is a sign of the inner strengths that will serve you well when you connect with your calling and follow your path.

These can be physical, mental, or spiritual strengths, and these are exactly what you should rely on as you follow your purpose. These might be gifts you’re already aware of, or the journey might help you discover strengths you didn’t know you had.

Card 3: Blocks

The third card gives you insight into the limitations in your path toward your life purpose. These might be physical or mental blocks or life events that stand in your way. It might be something you have to work through internally, or it could be something external working against you.

Don’t see these as warnings but as opportunities to further your path. You should take these blockages seriously, however, and don’t try to ignore them.

Card 4: Universe Signs

External signs from the universe are sent to guide you on your life purpose. The Tarot can help you understand these signs and recognize them when they come.

You don’t need to use a Tarot spread to spot these signs, but they can help you understand the full meaning and how they apply to your unique life purpose.

Card 5: Life Purpose Relationships

Our lives don’t exist in a bubble, and our life purpose often involves other people. Whether these are love relationships or friends, you meet along the path.

This card looks at the people in your life currently and those sent to guide you. You could use two cards to clarify if you already suspect someone is here to help you.

This card might reveal the type of people who will both help and hurt your journey.

Card 6: Outcome of Your Life Purpose

This card compares where you are at the moment to where you’ll be once you truly accept and follow your life path. It’s a symbol of the life you can have if you embrace your life purpose.

This card can be a sign of both encouragement and affirmation of what is possible for you to accomplish. It’s perfectly normal to be wondering what you’re supposed to be doing, and doubt often slows things down even further.

This card is a look ahead. A promise of the interesting things to come and a message of hope and perseverance for those who need to hear it.

(Optional) Card 7: Clarity

You can pull an optional card for clarity if something specific has come up during your spread. Be careful with steering too far from the original question in your reading, but an extra clarity card can create a more rounded answer.

Remember to be clear with what you want to clarify before you even touch your deck and draw another card.

Simple Three Cards Spread: Am I On the Right Path?

Three Card Tarot Spread for Life Purpose

I do suggest taking the full 6-7 card reading, but if you prefer something quicker, there’s also this three-card spread.

A shorter spread can still give you an accurate answer but the better the chance we give the cards, the more information we allow the deck to give us. This shorter variation is still a great spread if you want something quick, but your life path is important. Take the full reading if you can.

Important Cards for Your Life Path

Don’t get me wrong. Every card matters in a reading (not just a major arcana); these can carry some particular meaning for your life path.

The High Priestess

high priestessThis major arcana signifies a life path of mystery and hidden meanings. You can rely on your intuition, but don’t lose sight of the material world either.

A relationship will be important, but there’s a lot of overlap between your money and personal life.

The Hermit

This card signifies a lot more self-reliance. This doesn’t mean that your connections and community won’t factor into your life, but your inner journey will have a much more important role for you.

You may need to take life more slowly and think deeply about your life plans and choices. Trust your intuition but don’t make impulsive choices.

The World

This card signifies a life path full of connections with the universe and the world around you. Your loved ones will cheer you on and help you when you feel confused, but the universe and your spirit guides can also help you on the right path.

You can feel confident that life events will happen when they are meant to and never doubt your life purpose.

Remember, life is an ever-evolving journey that will likely take many strange twists and turns. But it will always come together for you, especially when working towards your life path.