Does He Love Me Tarot Spread

We know the old routine, taking a flower and tearing off each petal while saying, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Rather than destroying a flower’s delicate beauty, do a tarot reading. It’s far more permanent and accurate than ripping petals to pieces.

Whether a relationship is newly budding or it’s one in full bloom, getting a reading like this can provide good insight.

I can do a reading for you or, if you prefer, show you how to do one for yourself.

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

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Asking the Tarot ‘Does He Love Me?’

The design of this spread will help you understand the way you view the relationship combined with how he sees things. What’s more, it will give guidance on how you are together, what the main challenges are within the relationship and what the possible outcome could be.

It gives an unbiased and objective perspective about both of your attitudes and feelings toward each other. There will be suggestions for improvement and how to proceed along with the current status of your relationship. The reading will take on a profound meaning if The Lovers appear anywhere in the spread.

A Word of Advice

If you get bad news, don’t start a fight with him, don’t fly off the handle, or go on a figurative fishing expedition. This is merely a gauge to bring you a greater understanding.

If you want to dig a little deeper, you could also do a how he feels about you tarot spread.

How to Perform a ‘Does He Love Me’ Tarot Spread

Before you shuffle, think about your man while keeping “does he love me” in mind. Once well-shuffled, cut the deck into three piles. Put them back together and spread the cards out in a line. Pick seven of them. Maintain the order you picked them and don’t look at them.

Then, turn each card over and place them as shown below:

Does he love me tarot spread

Card 1:  Your Feelings for Him

This is the card that represents you or the person receiving the reading. This could be symbolic, such as in the case of the Three of Swords suggesting heartbreak. Or, it could be a literal representation when cards like The Lovers or The Empress come into play.

If the card doesn’t make sense to the querent, it could indicate that the person hasn’t faced their real feelings and attitudes toward the man they’re in a relationship with.

Card 2:  His Feelings for You

As with Card 1, this will denote the man’s mind, heart and feelings toward you. When any suited King or The Emperor appears, it’s a very good sign. But, if something like The Tower or The Devil end up sitting here, he could have a destructive or possessive attitude toward you.

If the card doesn’t coincide with what the querent knows about their lover, it could mean they don’t know him as well as they think they do.

Card 3:  The Relationship

The card that materializes in this position will indicate a synthesis of the two cards already revealed. This will portend the current status of your relationship and how well you mesh together. It stands as an interpretation of how the universe views your union and how you project energy onto the world as a couple.

If The Lovers take this spot, the implications are more than clear. When things like Strength or The Sun show up, it may indicate a loving and supportive exchange. But, if The Moon appears, then there is some deception.

Card 4:  Challenges

The seat of this card will tell you the challenges you both face within this relationship. If something like The Hanged Man comes up, then you both have and will continue to have trials and tribulations to overcome. But, it’s always worth it because these challenges galvanize your relationship.

When The Wheel of Fortune shines here, it could mean that the two of you have your ups and downs, but it’s not a hard or difficult union. However, if Death appears, it can denote a continual experience with deep and profound changes that can make the relationship unstable.

Card 5:  Secrets

The position here indicates secrets between the two of you that must come out into the open. If the querent can verify this isn’t their secret, then it will definitely be his. But, this could be a secret that both individuals are keeping from one another.

Although it will depend on the surrounding cards, if The Moon appears, there are lies afoot. However, if The Sun, Temperance or The Lovers arise, there are no secrets. In the event The Fool turns up, there’s folly and fumbling with honesty.

Card 6:  Suggestions

How to proceed, what to do and how to handle your relationship are the indications of this spot. It will provide a sounding board and basis for rightful decisions that will be best for you both. The card appearing here will tell you what you need to do, not necessarily what you want to hear.

So, when trump cards like Death, Judgment or The Hermit crop up, some real discernment and/or deep change must occur. They can also be saying you need some time apart. But, if The Lovers, The Sun, The World or The Wheel of Fortune appear, things are good and there are no serious recommendations at this time.

(Optional) Card 7:  Outlook

This is the position of the future and what could possibly occur as a result of the reading as it stands. If you don’t like what manifests here, you do have the power to alter it for the better. But that means being honest with yourself, seeing him for who he really is and determining the right path of action.

So, if The Lovers emerge, the future is solid, he definitely loves you and this is a good relationship. This will also be true if The Emperor, The Empress, Temperance or The Magician sit here. But, if Death, The Tower, The Devil, or The Moon reveal themselves, this relationship is on the fritz and it’s quite possible he does not love you.