How He Feels About Me Tarot Spread

Reading tarot cards can have many uses. A person can use them to learn more about themselves, discover new revelations about others that they are reading for, and even communicate more clearly with the spiritual world.

One of the most common reasons someone will want to have their tarot read is to find out the complicated truths of love.

Lovestruck individuals are always going to ask questions about relationships, unrequited love, and the intentions of long-term partners.

Love and all its intricacies are inherently mysterious, and what better way to unravel these mysteries than with a tarot card spread? I’ll show you how to get an insight into his feelings with a spread yourself or, if you prefer, I can do one for you.

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Preparing for the How He Feels About Me Tarot Spread

A mistake that many new tarot users make is to think that their tarot card reading is going to give them cut and dry, explicitly clear answers.

In reality, the reader’s interpretation of a tarot spread reveals the truth of the spread. To have an accurate reading, you need to be in tune with yourself and your tarot cards. 

So if you’re trying to decipher the intentions of another person, using the correct spread in the correct state of mind is very important!

Don’t enter into this reading with the assumption that all of your burning questions will be answered. The tarot cards may tell you things that you aren’t all that thrilled to hear, so be sure to keep your heart and mind open and be prepared to accept whatever message you are sent.

Clear Your Thoughts and Focus

As with any tarot card reading, you will get the most accurate results if your mind is clear and you are focused directly on the question you mean to ask.

Love is a crazy thing, and if you’re completing a tarot spread to figure out how someone feels about you, you’re probably thinking about this person a lot.

Fear, anxiety, lust, and obsession can all accompany sentiments of love at times, so you’ll need to be able to clear your mind of them before you start your spread.

does he love me tarot spreadA lot of readers find it incredibly useful to journal their thoughts before the reading. When you put all your thoughts to paper, you can begin to unwind all your feelings. Journaling is a cathartic habit that can be used any time you are feeling overwhelmed, not just before reading.

Another way to clear your head and gain focus is to meditate. Find a quiet place that resonates with you, and let all your chaotic feelings flow away until you are firmly present in your mind and heart.

Other ways that readers have found to focus on themselves are exercise, art, or prayer. Every reader is unique, so choose the way to center yourself that feels best and brings you the most inner peace.

Clear Your Area For Your Reading

Just like a chaotic mind is detrimental for a tarot reading, so is a chaotic environment.

Before you begin your reading, cleanse your space in whatever way that works best for you.

Some readers need a physically spotless environment to focus, while for others a place that has been spiritually cleansed with oils, herbs, or prayers is what they require for ultimate concentration.

Once you have your area cleansed, you’re ready to begin your reading.

How to Do a How He Feels About Me Tarot Spread

This spread is a simple five card spread that will answer the following five questions:

  • Does he think about me?
  • How does he feel about me?
  • What kind of relationship does he want from me?
  • Is he attracted to me sexually?
  • Is he going to make a move?

Tarot Card Placement

The how he feels about me tarot spread consists of five cards placed horizontally. The cards will be read left to right.

Shuffle and cut your cards before pulling them. Pull your cards, placing them down left to right in reading order, then take a deep breath and center yourself for the reading.

Here we will go more in-depth about what each of the five cards will mean. The minute details and interpretations can differ from person to person, and from reading to reading, but overall the basic meanings will remain the same.

Card 1: Does he think about me?

The most obvious question of the five should have the clearest answer. If he doesn’t even think about you, then the rest of the reading will probably be meaningless.

Card 2: How does he feel about me?

This card will let you know what he thinks about you For example if he thinks you’re a positive person, does he think of you as a friend, sibling, or romantic partner, etc.

Card 3: What kind of relationship does he want from me?

Does he desire a romantic relationship with you, or does he only want a friendship? Or maybe he just wants a strictly physical type of relationship. These are the kind of questions the third card will answer.

Card 4: Is he attracted to me sexually?

When considering romantic matches, sexual compatibility is an important factor. The fourth card will help you determine if he desires you sexually.

Card 5: Is he going to make a move?

The fifth card can tell you if he is going to be bold enough to make the first move. If not, it might be time for you to make a move!

During your reading, it can be beneficial to keep a notepad or tarot journal with you so you can write your thoughts and interpretations down right as they come to you.

This way once the reading has concluded you have your exact thoughts and feelings written down so you can refer back to them and reflect.

Try not to be too upset if this reading or any reading concerning love does not turn out the way you wanted or anticipated.

The cosmos works in mysterious ways, and if the love you seek does not materialize this time, there is a purpose for it that you will understand later.

You could follow this spread up by doing an is he the one tarot spread?

Remember This

This how he feels about me tarot spread is a simple tarot card spread that can prove useful when you’re looking to decipher a man’s thoughts and intentions towards you.

Enter into your reading with a clear heart, mind, and environment to get the most accurate results, and be open to whatever message your tarot spread provides.

Enjoy your reading!