Free Twin Flame Reading: Reach Union

Before I start talking about twin flame Tarot readings I want to make a few things crystal clear.

  • Most of us don’t have a twin flame. They’re incredibly rare connections. The majority of the world probably hasn’t even heard the term.
  • A twin flame and a soulmate are not the same things. They’re not interchangeable terms.
  • A lot of people disagree about the true meaning of twin flames. That’s okay.

The twin flame journey is incredibly rare and incredibly important however you choose to look at it. I’m going to show you how to do a spread yourself or, if you prefer, I can do a Tarot reading for you within the hour and we can focus on your twin flame.

Free Twin Flame Tarot Reading

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

    The reason we ask these questions is the more we understand about you the more accurate we can be. It'll only take a few moments.

How to Do a Twin Flame Tarot Reading Yourself

How to Do a Twin Flame Tarot Reading

If you truly are a twin flame you’re already more attuned to your intuition than most and this is going to help derive messages and guidance from the Tarot deck. The one thing I would caution against when doing this kind of reading yourself is not to let emotions mislead you.

With such an emotionally charged topic we can sometimes fall into the trap of twisting the message to suit our narrative. Especially with the threat of false twin flames, this can be a problem.

Before beginning, cleanse your Tarot deck and calm your mind. Be incredibly clear with your question and intention before drawing any cards. Shuffle the deck and begin to place your cards. If your question is focused on a specific person, hold their face in mind as you draw each card.

Card One: Your Past Together

The first card tells you where you’ve been together. Take the time to study it because this might be the most important card of your entire reading.

Twin flames are not like normal couples. Their connection goes far beyond your first meeting here on Earth and it’s incredibly likely you’ve met before over multiple lifetimes.

The first card in your spread gives you an insight into your past together. Often twin flames come together and apart over multiple lifetimes as they try to focus on healing karmic wounds and past hurts.

You’ll continue to avoid and separate from each other until you’re able to deal with this both together and apart and that first card is so incredibly important at getting an insight into where you’ve both been so far.

It’s tempting (and far too common) to ignore this step of the spiritual path you share but do not fall into this trap. This is not a normal relationship. It will never progress like one. Have you heard the cliche you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been? This is especially true for twin flames.

Card Two: Your Present

The second card in your twin flame Tarot reading is about the present. It can give you an insight into what you and your twin flame are dealing with, what they’re thinking and (perhaps most importantly) what the current blocks are between you.

Most twin flame relationships involve some period (or sometimes multiple periods) of separation. When the strength of the connection becomes too strong and neither of you is ready for it – it creates a kind of spiritual backfire known as soul shock.

This card will often show you what the main issues are right now. Are they distracted by a false flame, are they focused on their shadow work or completely oblivious of the journey you’re both on>

No twin flame reading is complete without understanding the present energetically. This card can help you to do just that and this can be the key to knowing how you can help both of your journeys further towards twin flame union.

Card Three: Your Future

The third card in your spread gives us an insight into your future. Be very careful with this card as the path you’re on is not a passive one. If you draw The Lovers here (for example) that’s an incredibly good sign – but not a reason to just sit back and wait.

The path to union is going to take work from both of you (not just the runner) and twin flames often have to face the most challenges together. This card shows us where you’re headed if you continue on your current path.

This future position card might give you an insight into your future union or perhaps the closer part of the journey if there’s an important blockage you need to deal with. It might show you the twin flame reunion card or even a glimpse of your future together.

No twin flame reading is complete without understanding the future energetically. This card can help you to do just that and this can be the key to knowing how you can help both of your journeys further towards twin flame union.

Card Four: Your Higher Self

The fourth and final card is a way to connect with messages from your higher self. Twin flames are attuned to messages from the 5D higher dimension where our higher selves are already connected with our twin flame.

Your higher self knows exactly what it takes to reconnect with your mirror soul here on Earth and this card is advice on what to do here and now.

The messages from your higher self often come in the form of other symbols outside of the Tarot (often repeating number patterns and shared dreams) so watch out for further guidance after completing your spread.

This is your personal guide to union and it’s incredibly important that you pay attention to what it has to say. twin flames are never meant to walk this path alone and your higher self will always be there to gently push you in the right direction.


What is a Twin Flame Reading?

Different readers will do things in different ways. Some rely on intuition or perhaps channeled messages from spirit guides. Most are done with traditional Tarot or oracle cards.

Some offer more specific twin flame readings with decks made for the purpose or are heavily focused on the twin flame journey itself. There’s really no one-size-fits-all spread. Some will use a (somewhat generic) does he think about me spread to dig deeper into their twin flames thoughts.

Can the Tarot Confirm a Twin Flame Connection?

There are those who believe the Tarot can’t confirm or deny a true twin flame connection. Others believe the cards can only give us guidance that leads us to the union but it’s only ourselves that can ever tell.