Insightful Tarot Spreads for Spirit Communication

Tarot spreads can look beyond the more common questions. They can be used to dig a little deeper and one of my favorite ways to use a deck is tarot spreads for spirit communication.

When a user creates a tarot spread for spirit communication, they create a link with the other side, allowing the spirits to speak through the tarot spread.

I’ll show you how to communicate with spirits using tarot cards or (if you prefer) I can do a spread for you, just let me know the details.

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How to Prepare for Tarot Communication with Spirits

Spirit Communication Tarot SpreadEvery tarot reader has their own unique rituals and processes for setting up a reading. Tarot spreads for spirit communication are no different though my preparation here is similar to my deity communication tarot spread. Feel free to use your normal setup, but when communing with the other side it is wise to go the extra mile in cleansing your area.

Open your windows wide and let the fresh air flow in and the stuffy house air make its way out, carrying your concerns and worries with it. Clearing your mind is just as important as clearing your space.

You can smudge with sage, light incense, or sprinkle your place of reading with a cleansing oil like lavender. Clear the clutter, dust, and dirt away. You want a clean space when communing with the other side.

Ascertain that no negative energy is clinging to your or your deck before you begin your tarot spread. Speaking with spirits while harboring negative energy can have a negative effect on both you and the spirit you are speaking for with your tarot.

Lastly, and most importantly, you must protect yourself. Depending on the reader, this can take the form of a prayer to a chosen divine being, casting a circle or protection, or wear a protective charm made for protection against spirits.

Protecting your mind and body is of the utmost importance when communing with spirits through tarot. Never skip this step!

Once your area is cleansed, you can begin your reading.

Tarot Spreads for Spirit Communication

There is no exact spread that works best for communicating with the other side. That being said, you are acting as the vessel for the spirit to speak through, so giving them the greatest amount of cards allows a more exact reading.

If you are trying to commune with a certain spirit, maybe an ancestor, hold the image of that person firmly in your mind. Allow no room for other spirits. If the spirit you are inviting to the reading is a blood relative, your genes already hold a part of that spirit, so they can be easier to call upon.

When using a tarot spread for spirit communication, a reader will usually just fan the cards out and hover their hand over the cards, waiting for the spirit to choose the card or cards.

If you don’t want to use the whole deck, a spread with a large number of cards involved, like the classic Celtic cross, would work nicely.

During the reading, it is a good idea to have a tarot journal to record what happens, or a video or voice recording going on so you can look back later at the reading and any other outward signs from the spirit communication that you may have missed during the reading.

The spirit will guide the reader’s hand to choose the cards or cards that represent the message they wish to convey. It is up to the reader, using their spiritual connection, to interpret the meaning correctly.

With your words and thoughts, let the spirits know you wish them only positive things, and want the reading to be a good experience for all involved.

A reading with the spirit world can be fulfilling for everyone involved, sometimes allowing a spirit to speak their truth in subtle ways that they have not been able to before. Or if you are communicating with a lost loved one, it can bring you both peace and healing.

Finally, if no spirit comes from the other side to join you, don’t fret. Maintain a welcoming and positive aura, and finish your reading for yourself.

The tarot cards in your own reading may tell you more about your failed reading than you might initially expect, and teach you something about how to make your next spirit reading more successful.

Ending a Tarot Reading for Spirit Communication

When you have completed your reading, it is time to revert your energies from the other side back to the living world. It can be tempting to allow yourself to be a vessel for as long as the spirit wants to speak, but always be aware of your own wants, needs, and limitations.

Communing with the other side is mentally and spiritually exhausting, and you never want to overdo yourself when reading tarot cards, especially when reading for the other side.

Just like the process for cleansing and preparing your reading area, the closing of your reading is equally personal. There is no set of instructions for how to do it, it changes from tarot reader to tarot reader.

Examples would be unwinding the circle you cast initially, cleansing the area for negative energy and spirits a second time, or simply meditating and focusing your energy back to the priorities of the living world, pushing the energy of the other side out of you.

Always remember to provide a heartfelt thanks to any spirits you have communed with, and offer them your respect.

Remember This!

Tarot cards are a powerful tool for introspection and providing insight to the others you read for.

Tarot spreads can also be used for communication with the spirit world, but readings like this must be done with caution and careful preparation.

If you are in a positive headspace and confident in your tarot reading, communing with the other side can be exciting and fulfilling for you and the spirit you communicate with. Enjoy your reading!