Is He Thinking About Me Tarot Spread

If someone special is on your mind, you will always wonder if they are also thinking about you. Love and relationships can be pretty difficult because we just don’t know what that other person is thinking! Thankfully, this ‘is he thinking about me’ Tarot spread can answer your burning questions.

Whether it is someone you have just gone on your first date with or a life-long friend you have a big crush on, the Tarot will help you work out whether he is thinking about you or not.

Free Is He Thinking About You Tarot Spread

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How To Perform a ‘Is He Thinking About Me’ Tarot Spread

Is He Thinking About Me Tarot Spread Layout

This six-card spread will help you find out if your crush is thinking about you and, if so, in what way. Before you start this spread, visualize the person in your mind. Say his name out loud, and ask the Tarot to provide you with clarity and understanding.

Shuffle the cards while repeating the words, ‘is (name) thinking about me.’ When ready, draw six cards.

Card One: Him

The first card reflects the person you are thinking about. This can will show you where he is right now in his life and what is important to him. It will usually have some hints regarding his romantic intentions toward you, so pay attention to any Suit of Cups cards!

If the card received is not about love at all, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he isn’t thinking about you. It may simply be because other things, such as work, are more important to him right now.

Card Two: His Thoughts

Is He Thinking About You Tarot ReadingThe second card pulled in this spread represents the thoughts he has toward you. If he has strong romantic feelings towards you, a love card will appear in this position. However, other cards may appear to reflect his admiration for you.

It is important to be open to the messages and meanings of this card. Sometimes, the Tarot will tell us something we don’t want to hear. But we must accept it.

Card Three: His Wants

The third card pulled in this spread represents his wants regarding a relationship or friendship with you. If he is not into you romantically but wants to be your friend, this will come to light with this card.

It can be pretty difficult to understand this card, as ultimately, we just don’t know the true wants of someone else. However, the Tarot has a message for you, so sit with it and meditate on the card’s meaning. It will soon make sense.

Card Four: Influences

The fourth card pulled looks at anything (other than you) that influences his opinion about you and his wishes regarding a relationship. This card will reveal if he has other romantic attachments or if there is anything personal that stops him from moving forward with you.

You may know exactly what this card refers to, but it may be unknown to you. If you need to, take another card out of the deck to shed more light on the influences revealed.

Card Five: You Connection

The fifth card in this ‘is he thinking about me’ Tarot spread reflects the connection you have with him. It will show you exactly what is going on in your relationship and what you both mean to each other.

Card Six: The Future

The last card represents the future for you and him. It will reflect the direction your relationship is going in and what is in store!

This card will probably be pretty self-explanatory, but you may need to sit and meditate on it for a while to truly understand its meaning.

Ask the Tarot: Should I Contact Him?

If you have performed a ‘is he thinking about me’ Tarot spread, and you feel there may be a future for you both, it will be tempting to contact him straight away. However, it is useful to turn to the Tarot and check with the universe before you do so!

Shuffle the deck and ask, ‘should I contact (name).’ Pull one card and flip it over. Can you get a yes or no answer out of the card? If you need to, take another card out of the deck to get clarity.

Simple Three-Card Does He Like Me Tarot Spread

Simple Three-Card Does He Like Me Tarot Spread

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide how much you want to know. A simple spread like this can give you a look at understanding how he thinks of you, not just whether or not he is.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Important Cards for a ‘Is He Thinking About Me’ Tarot Spread

Certain cards are big signs when it comes to a ‘is he thinking about me’ Tarot spread. The majority of the Suit of Cups cards signify romance and love. However, there are some major arcana cards to look out for when doing this spread!

The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot card represents love, honesty, and harmony. It is always a good card to receive in a love reading and reflects meaningful connections.

If this card appears in a ‘is he thinking about me’ Tarot spread, it suggests that he is thinking about you in a romantic way. It reflects his openness towards you and the hope he has for the future.

The Sun

A card full of optimism and hope, the Sun represents taking a youthful outlook on life. It reminds us to see the good in the world, and it is rich with positive energy.

If the Sun appears in a ‘is he thinking about me’ Tarot spread, it suggests that the future is bright for you and the person who is on your mind. There is so much positivity flowing through you, and he is definitely thinking about you a lot!

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