Crush Tarot Spread Reading: How Do They Feel? What Will Happen?

The Tarot can give you an insight into a crush. It can show us not only how they feel about and you (potentially) give you a peek into the future of your connection but the Tarot can show you how to further things.

This is where the cards really shine. Let it give you advice, not just a peek into destiny.

If you’d like help I can do a free Tarot reading on your behalf within an hour. Not just a couple of cards and their meanings, but an actual spread to give you some insight. The real meaning of the card is in the combinations and the message being given.

Or, if you’d like to do the spread yourself, I have some suggestions on layouts and cards to watch out for.

Free Love Tarot Spread for Your Crush

I don’t just give you a few cards and their meanings. My spreads are handwritten and use the full combination of the cards to get as much guidance as we can answer your question and guide you onward with the Tarot.

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

    The reason we ask these questions is the more we understand about you the more accurate we can be. It'll only take a few moments.

How to Do a Crush Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread for a Love Crush

This spread focuses on the full story between you and your crush. If you’d rather narrow things down we also do specific spreads like does he think about you.

If you’d rather do a crush Tarot spread yourself, my usual advice starts. Be very clear on your crush and your exact question before touching any cards.

Take a deep breath and center yourself. Shuffle the cards, focus on your question, and then cut the deck in half. Draw cards from the top of either pile and place them as the image shows.

Each card position carries a specific meaning but the full meaning comes from looking at the combination of the entire spread.

Card One: Their Current Feelings

The first card gives you an insight into how they currently feel. This is a look at your crush’s emotions without any influence from you. Are they feeling connected to you? Is there romantic potential?

Careful with this card as it can often be misleading. They might not have accepted their feelings yet or might be distracted by other aspects of life. If it does suggest romantic feelings this does not mean you can just sit back and wait for your connection to evolve.

Card Two: Your Crush’s View of You

The second card is a snapshot of how your crush sees you. This looks at their mental perspective on you. Are they admiring? Intimidated? Indifferent?

Pay attention to court cards in this spot as they might suggest that your crush has been considering or observing you for some time. Reversed cards here can be seen as a lack of interest or confusion.

Card Three: The Obstacles in Your Way

This card looks at any potential obstacles between you and your crush. Something has been standing in between the two of you from things evolving naturally by this point.

These blocks might be mental, physical or even spiritual. They’re often not going to be from areas that you’d expect. Be willing to look at things you might not want to confront.

Don’t consider this as a bad news card. See it as an opportunity to evolve the connection between you and your crush. See it as the crux of the reading as being able to interpret this card might heavily dictate how your future together unfolds.

Card Four: The Path Ahead

The fourth and final card gives us insight into how things can go between the two of you if you’re able to follow the advice of the spread. What kind of relationship is it and (more importantly) what might it become?

Who Has a Crush on Me Tarot Spread

Who Has a Crush on Me Tarot Spread

If you don’t have someone else you currently have a crush on – there’s also a short spread you can do to tell you who has a crush on you. I’m not a huge fan of this because there are other readings like the love Tarot spread for singles that goes deeper but there is a simple three-card spread that might help.

Card One: The Person Who Has a Crush on You

The first card is the person who has a crush on you. You might subconsciously already know who this card represents or it might suggest someone entirely new. Look at the traits and deeper meaning behind the card as it will give you an insight into the person.

Card Two: Their Feelings

The second card gives you a look at how they feel about you. Is it just a little crush? Are they crushing on multiple people at once? Have they been attracted to you for a long time?

It can give you a look at the motivations between their feelings.

Card Three: The Future

The third and final card looks at the future of the potential relationship. If things stay as they are, what can you expect? Will they confess their feelings? What if you make a move?

There might be unforeseen obstacles in the way and you really need to look at the rest of the spread for the full meaning here but this card might suggest some surprising results.

Important Cards for a Crush Tarot Spread

Every card is important (not just the major arcana cards) but there are a few cards in the tarot deck that are especially important for an insight into your crush.

The Chariot Card

The Chariot is often seen as a card of victory and progress. This suggests that you’re making progress in the relationship – even if it’s small. It can also suggest that your crush is getting ready to take some kind of action soon.

The Tower Card

The Tower is a tarot card that means high energy change. Disruptive change that will change the status quo. If this card pops up in your reading, it suggests that something is about to happen that will change the relationship – for better or worse.

Look at the other cards for an idea on which direction it’s going to go but this definitely means change – one way or another.

The Lovers Card

The major arcana card for an important relationship. In some positions, this one should be self-explanatory and can suggest a soulmate or twin flame connection.

The Lovers tarot card often suggests a choice between two paths. When it comes to a crush, this might suggest a choice between two potential partners. It might be that you have an important choice to make soon.