Justice Yes or No Tarot Meaning [Focused Energies]

Is Justice a yes or no from the Tarot? What can it tell you about getting what you want?

The Justice card is a high energy major arcana but in a yes or no Tarot reading, it provides advice on getting what you want – it doesn’t give a yes or no answer itself. Justice is the symbol of neutral balance so things could go either way but it does want to help you.

Generally, Justice is answering your question with a question. Is it in your best interest, does it align with your own true north and what could you be doing differently to make it happen?

I always like to see a high energy arcana card in a yes or no Tarot reading. Justice is one of the cards which doesn’t give a clear answer but that doesn’t mean you should disregard the advice it offers.

Does Justice Mean Yes or No?

If you get Justice in a yes or no tarot reading the first thing you should do (and I really mean you should do this) is take the time to meditate on your question. Is it something you truly want? Is it something that will make you happy?

It can be a positive sign of a ‘yes’ if you’re able to align yourself and maybe make a couple of shifts to balance things out but there’s no clear answer in your spread at the moment.

If your goals are potentially putting someone else at a disadvantage, for example, then the answer is leaning towards a ‘no’.

Upright Justice as Yes/No

Upright, the Justice card is a symbol for cause and effect. The result of your yes or no question really depends on what it is you truly seek. If it arrives in a spread it’s a sign you’re being called to answer for your actions so make sure you’re aligning yourself with your highest good.

Is this what you truly want? Is this best for you and those around you? If your honest answer is yes then the upright Justice card is a positive result but there might still be something you need to change in order to make it happen.

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Reversed Justice as Yes/No

The reversed Justice card is a little more negative but it isn’t necessarily a no.

As the symbol of unfairness and dishonesty, it is that you’re not being fully honest with yourself about what it is you really want or (just as importantly) why you really want it. It’s also the symbol of lack of accountability – meaning what you seek might be within your grasp but you’re not currently doing enough to make it happen.

As it currently stands, if you do nothing else then the answer is probably no.

But the Tarot doesn’t tell us things just to put us out, there’s a deeper meaning here and guidance behind the Justice result which can help you get on a more positive path towards this goal.

What Is Justice Trying to Tell You?

As a major arcana, take heart that there’s at least a possibility here. But if you just sit back and wait for it to happen then it probably won’t. There’s something that needs to be done, you need to take an honest look at your intentions and what you’re doing to reach your goal.

If you just sit back and wait then you might well miss this posiblilty. A message from a high arcana card shouldn’t be ignored if this is something you truly want. Look within. Meditate carefully on your intentions, your goals and what you could be doing differently.

Get a Complete Tarot Spread

Especially with a card like Justice, you should get a more complete spread. Don’t box the Tarot into using a single card for a yes or no Tarot reading. This can be especially useful with a card like Justice for a yes or no question because it focuses so heavily on guidance than a simple answer.

For some deeper insight, take a few minutes and I’ll do a complete spread for you.

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