Moonology Oracle Deck Review [Lunar Energy or a Dud?]

If you’ve signed up for my free tarot readings you might have seen that I sometimes reach for an oracle deck or my angel cards and, yes, sometimes I use the Moonology oracle deck. Ever since I started using them I’ve been asked what I think of them. So let’s look at what I think of the deck, what I use it for and how I (personally) use the deck.

The Deck: In the Box

moonology oracle deck

Created by Yasmine Boland and illustrated by Nyx Rowan, the Moonology oracle deck certainly looks stylish. Unsurprisingly it’s very focused on phases of the moon and overlaps with a lot of astrology references.

It comes with:

  • Cardboard storage box.
  • Guidebook on basic use.
  • 44 oracle cards (5″ x 3.5″).

The Oracle Style

The main difference between oracle decks and the traditional tarot is how much the style of an oracle deck can vary. Sometimes the messages are vague and can take a lot of time and energy to decipher meaning. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but The Moonology deck is very pointed which makes them suitable for anyone regardless of experience.

Example messages:

  • Show the world the real you.
  • The energy is gaining momentum.
  • Be bold and make the first move.
  • Communication is key.

The Pros

  • Anyone with an affinity to the moon will enjoy this deck.
  • Great style for readers who like artistic decks. They really are beautiful cards with a neat matt finish. The artwork alone might make this deck worth the money if you collect decks.
  • If you like to incorporate astrology into your tarot readings, they certainly give you the option.

The Cons

  • Personally, I prefer a larger oracle deck. 44 is a little limited for me, especially with such pointed messages.
  • The guidebook is, perhaps, a little limited and the interpretations may not be ideal for anyone new to oracle readings.
  • The author also sells a Moonology diary. Not necessarily a bad thing for those who enjoy it, but I found it limited for a tarot journal and would avoid it.

Moonology Tarot Deck

Alternative Lunar Tarot and Oracle Decks

There are a couple of other lunar-themed decks also worth a look.

  • The Deviant Moon Tarot. A lightly lunar art style of traditional Rider Waite cards. The art style is not to everyone’s taste, however.
  • The Moon & Stars Tarot. An interesting mix of both traditional tarot cards and a simple one-word oracle deck. Lighter astrology style with less focus on the phase of the moon.
  • The Moon Oracle. The original lunar oracle deck. The art style is a little simpler than the Moonology deck and the meanings behind the cards are a little broader making them more suited for experienced readers.

Moonology Oracle Cards Meanings

Moonology Oracle Cards Meanings

Especially for oracle cards, the Moonology deck is fairly easy to decipher meanings from. But remember there is technically no right or wrong here. You can follow the guidebook (included) and I’ll take you through an example of Moonology spread in a moment but ask with any oracle deck feel free to follow your own intuition.

The meaning of cards in an oracle deck is always open to interpretation of the reader. Especially when used in combination with one another and as the Moonology deck also gives you the option to include astrology into your readings adding a whole other layer to each card.

Personally, I would disregard the guidebook on this one. Take the meanings of the card at face value but (unless you’re doing a one-card reading) make sure you’re taking the card in the context of the entire spread. I would say this is especially true for an oracle deck with as pointed messages as the Moonology cards.

The meanings of the cards can look simple at first glance but when you really take the time to meditate on what the cards are trying to tell you (especially in combinations) you might be surprised how deep they can go.

You could choose to include the moon phases from the cards or go entirely on the text on the card. Personally, I generally use the phase of the moon when looking at the timeframe position of the spread or doing a when will it happen spread. Comparing the phase of the moon compared to the phase on the card can give you an indication of how far away something is.

How to Use Moonology Oracle Cards

Given that the deck is limited to only 44 cards, I tend to stick to 3-card spreads with this deck but remember that this is my preference. The creator of the deck put a video together as a guide: