Will I Get the Job Tarot Spread

Whether you’re going for a new job (or you’re waiting to hear the results), a career tarot reading can give you a big edge in your professional life.

Will you get the job? How will it go? What’s in store for you?

Free ‘Will I Get the Job’ Tarot Spread

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Asking the Tarot: I Get the Job?

A tarot reading goes beyond a single question and can help you with every aspect of your job search. It can point you toward a career opportunity and help you gain clarity and advice on how to get the job you want.

There are a few things to remember before doing this spread yourself.

  • You can use the example spread below and change the course or direction but focusing on a specific question is far more effective than trying to cover everything at once in your career.
  • You can add qualifying cards for positions, but we’ll also include related spreads you can use to dig deeper into specific career tarot spreads.

These spreads are about more than just what’s going to happen in your professional future. The card represents advice in each position and can help you get the desired result.

How to Perform a ‘Will I Get the Job’ Tarot Spread

Will I Get the Job Tarot Spread Layout

This is my suggested full spread going forward. You can pull an extra card to clarify each result but keep it focused on employment, money and careers. You don’t want to get too broad.

Card 1: Short Term

The first card looks at your job search today and in the short term. It can help you see things you’ve missed and guide you on how interviews have been going.

This card can show you different aspects of the process. What’s been working, and what might you want to change?

Card 2: Succesful Interviews

You can interpret this card in different ways depending on how many jobs you’ve applied for. It points you towards successful parts of the process and what has been working well for you.

Card 3: Have They Decided?

Did I Get the Job Tarot SpreadIf you’ve had an interview and are waiting to hear back, this card can tell you if they’ve made their decision or if it’s still in the process of deciding.

They might just be beginning to contact people, but this can save you the hard work of following up or waiting for them if you have another company you could also apply to.

Card 4: Your Next Move

The fourth card looks at what you should do next, whether you get the job or not. It looks at your path and possibilities and is my favorite card for understanding (and unlocking) the future of your career.

I hope you remember that the tarot cards are about more than just your current career and short-term changes. It can help you unlock your true career potential and achieve results you didn’t think were even possible.

Card 5: Your Work Life

Don’t overlook this card. It can help you understand how your job (or potential job) fits into the greater picture of your life. The kind of person you’ll be in the role, the colleagues you’ll work with and how your ideas will be accepted.

This card can help you decide whether you want to accept a job offer.

Card 6: Outcome

The final card looks at the outcome of your job search. It can help show you whether this job offer is coming soon or if you should wait for something better.

It doesn’t just look at whether you will get the job. It looks at your job tarot reading and might be the most important answer for your long-term success.

(Optional) Card 7: Clarity

If something specific has come up during your spread that you’re not sure about, you can pull different cards to clarify. Be clear about what you’re trying to qualify before drawing any cards.

Three Card Career Tarot: Did I Get the Job?

Did I Get the Job Three Card Career Tarot

If you’d rather use a quick and simple career tarot spread, this can give you some insight into a new job without having to pull the entire reading. I personally prefer complete tarot spreads to unlock the full potential of the reading, but the option is there.

Important Cards for If You Got the Job

Every card is important in a tarot spread (not just the major ones), but these are some of the main ones to look out for. The position is almost still important (especially for your career), but these cards can point you in a specific direction.

Ace of Pentacles

One of my favorite cards for a career tarot spread or insight into your professional life in general. It’s the card of new beginnings, job offers and opportunities.

This is a very positive Tarot card for these spreads in any position. I’d be very excited to see this.

The World

Another major arcana card stands for both the job offer you received and the fulfillment of your dreams. This card represents achievement and success.

In general, a very positive result for your future might be the answer you’re looking for. Depending on the position, it can also refer to travel in your career.

Four of Cups

The four of cups typically appear when there’s a job offer that you’re unsure about. It could be too good to be true or it might not fit with your life goals.

A career tarot reading like this might help you see that there’s another direction you can take. Another path you haven’t considered. Or perhaps you just need to trust your intuition but don’t rush into anything.

The Tower

The Tower is a card for change… and not always of the comfortable kind. In the context of this tarot reading, the advice is often that you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Make some changes, and maybe apply for jobs you haven’t considered before. There might be something you’ve overlooked, but this card can help you find it.

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