Birthday Tarot Spread

When your birthday rolls around, it’s always a good idea to get a reading with tarot cards. It’s an excellent time for reflection about the things you’ve done, the path you’re on and how to proceed in moving forward. But, it’s up to you to take responsibility for the birthday message and, remember, these readings are only a practical guide.

I can do a birthday tarot spread for you or, if you prefer, teach you how to do one yourself.

Free Birthday Tarot Spread

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

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Birthday Tarot Spread Meaning

There are two birthday reading types you can perform. The first one is a general three-card spread that indicates the past, present and future of your birthday. It will talk about what happened last year, what to expect this year and gives a basic idea of the entire year ahead.

Then, there’s the Birthday Oracle Tarot Spread, where you can get a deeper glimpse surrounding your place in the world. This will indicate your purpose, the gifts bestowed to you and how you influence things around you. This also comprises three cards and you can do this every year if you wish.

Either of these can provide insight for you to think about and meditate on.

How to Perform a Birthday Tarot Spread

How to Perform a Birthday Tarot SpreadClear your mind of all thoughts, expectations and your everyday life. Allow the layout of cards to tell you what it must, so no specific question is necessary; although you can ask one if you’d like. Shuffle the deck of cards thoroughly, then cut it into three piles and put them back together.

Spread the cards out before you and, while focusing on yourself and your birthday, select three cards. Place them in order from left to right in a straight line. Flip the card as you read each one and don’t ignore a reversed card.

Card 1: Past

The position of this card represents last year’s birthday. It will reveal what happened and how you felt, which should play into the rest of the reading. Even if the card seems insignificant to the whole of what occurred, it has deep meaning for what’s going on now and what may come next year.

If you see The World, The Star, The Wheel of Fortune, The Chariot or The Sun, it indicates that you had a powerful birthday. There were all kinds of wonderful experiences and it was, more than likely, something you’ll remember for years to come. But, when The Devil, The Tower or Death card shows up, it may not have been all that in a bag of chips.

Card 2: Present

The card position here indicates your birthday at this moment in time. It will give suggestions for what to expect and where your conscious mind is at while connecting with the previous card. This can symbolize your mind, thoughts, feelings and attitudes. But it can also be a literal representation of you at this present time.

You can expect to have a great birthday if Temperance, The Emperor, The Empress or The High Priestess take up residence here. However, when The Moon crops up, you may have to deal with someone’s lies and deception. If the Fool appears, your birthday may come with plenty of sophomoric debaucheries but many lessons will become prevalent.

Card 3: Future

To get a glimpse into the future, this card will reveal what could happen throughout the course of the year ahead. If you get an undesirable or negative card, it is within your power to change things for the better. Remember, no future card is set in stone and you don’t have to accept it.

So, things may appear bleak if cards like The Tower, Death or The Devil appear because these will focus on change or materialism. But, if The Magician, The High Priestess or The Hierophant manifest, then your future will comprise vast amounts of magnetism with a spiritual influence.

Birthday Oracle Spread

There’s a difference between Oracle and tarot cards and while you could use either for a birthday tarot spread, I like an oracle deck (like the Moonology oracle deck) for this kind of reading because it focuses more on guidance and insight rather than just omens of what the future holds.

Follow the same instructions as for a regular birthday spread. The only difference is that this reading has a wider effect on all the aspects of life rather than a specific length of time. You can ask a simple question, but it’s not necessary.

Card 1: Purpose

For understanding why you are here at this point in time, the card sitting here will describe your purpose. It will discuss what the universe means for you to do and the reason for your existence. This will be a focus card of sorts.

In the event The Chariot, The Sun, Strength or Justice come up in this position, the universe intends for you to overcome obstacles; to rise above and beyond all odds aligned against you. If Temperance or Justice show their faces, you must learn to develop a balanced and unbiased approach to life.

But, if something like The Moon, The Devil or The Tower becomes visible, your purpose is heavy and you must come to terms with the more unsavory aspects of your existence.

Card 2: Gifts

The card sitting in this position represents the gifts the universe has given you, either at birth or developed throughout life. In conjunction with your Purpose, these two will culminate in a description of your personal power.

You have much magic within you if The Magician or The High Priestess reveal themselves in this position. When The Star or The World come up, you have many resources at your disposal any time you want them. But, if The Hermit ends up in this spot, you’re the type of person that has to develop and design your own gifts.

Card 3: Your Influence

Bringing synergy and synthesis into the reading with the other two cards, this card position indicates how you influence the world around you. If you think it doesn’t make sense, feel free to spread the cards back out and select a clarification card.

The way you influence the world around you is a positive one when The Sun, The Chariot or Temperance appear in this position. But, if the Three of Swords takes up residence, then you deliver heartbreak to many people in your sphere of influence.