The High Priestess Yes Or No Tarot Meaning

Does The High Priestess mean yes or no in a Tarot reading? What is this card trying to tell you?

For a ‘yes or no’ question The High Priestess is almost always a yes! It’s the card of trusting your intuition and if you follow the guidance of this card you’re sure to get your way.

Seeing a major arcana like this (especially such an auspicious one) is a very good sign in a yes or no Tarot reading but if we dig a little deeper, we can unlock some guidance that will help you get your way sooner rather than later.

Does The High Priestess Mean Yes or No?

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Generally, the answer is yes! The High Priestess is highly capable of guiding themselves towards what they want. If we look deeper at the position of the card and focus of your reading we can get some real advice.

Upright The High Priestess as Yes or No Question

Yes, as long as you trust your intuition.

When High Priestess is upright it tells us that we are in a time of intuition, unconscious and divine feminine. This is an important time to allow your own true north to guide you. If you trust your intuition then you’ll see success but if you ignore that inner guidance it’s probably not going to work out.

Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. You’ll head in the right direction.

Reversed The High Priestess as Yes or No Question

Yes, if you can overcome a blockage

The reversed High Priestess can suggest that the individual is feeling repressed or blocked in some way, and is withdrawing from the world. This may manifest as silence or a reluctance to communicate. It might be some past experience (or even past life experience) that is holding you back.

In either case, the reversed High Priestess urges the querent to explore their inner world and to heed the messages that come from within. If you’re able to overcome this block then there are some big opportunities before you.

Deeper Meaning and Advice

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High Priestess as Yes or No for Love

Upright The High Priestess as Yes or No for Love

Yes, follow your heart.

For your Love life, The High Priestess says yes, as long as you’re following your heart. If this is a connection (or relationship) you’re following because you think you should or because others want you to then it’s not going to work out.

However, if this is something you truly want then things are going to go well for you in the long run.

Reversed The High Priestess as Yes or No for Love

Maybe. Is this what you want?

Reversed, this is a symbol of potential repressed feelings or issues that you need to address before they hold you back. It could manifest as withdrawal or silence from your partner or things just not progressing as you’d like them to.

It might be that you’re not ready for things to progress or perhaps they need to focus elsewhere before they’re ready for something bigger. For the long term, it’s a good result as long as this is a relationship you really want to see progress.

The High Priestess as Yes or No for Advice

Upright The High Priestess as Yes or No for Advice

Yes! Trust yourself!

The High Priestess is a symbol that you need to trust yourself and your inner voice. You’re capable of seeing the outcome you desire but you’re going to have to make the right choices to get there. You already know what these choices are (or you will at the time) but following through will be your responsibility.

Reversed The High Priestess as Yes or No for Advice

No! Don’t do it!

If reversed this card is a warning. You’ve been working against yourself without realizing it and you’re going to have to make some real changes if you want to see the outcome you want. You might have been too passive and not taking action or you’ve been actively sabotaging yourself for some reason. In either case, it is important to stay in tune with our innermost desires and feelings if we want to make the right decisions.

There’s still a potential to turn this around if you’re able to follow your own guidance again, but at the moment it’s a no. The reversed High Priestess can also indicate a time of silence, so don’t be afraid to be still for a while. If you heed her advice, you will find that things will start to make more sense.

High Priestess as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Upright The High Priestess as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes! Go with the flow!

Whether for a new job, a new project or a financial goal the High Priestess is a call to trust our intuition, go with the flow and stay open to divine feminine guidance. She is a symbol of the subconscious, and as such can tell us a lot about our hidden motivations and desires.

This card does represent spiritual growth but sometimes we mistake this as not being related to physical abundance at all. Perhaps focusing on your spiritual guidance is the way to further your financial progress. This card is a sign you’re on the right track but, perhaps, focusing on this area will speed things up.

Reversed The High Priestess as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes – but speak up for yourself!

For your financial and career goals when reversed it means you’ve been holding yourself back in these areas. You’ve still a big opportunity for advancement before you but you’re going to need to make a few changes. You may be feeling repressed feelings or withdrawal in these areas. You may feel silenced or like you can’t speak up for yourself. This is not a time to be shy.

Be more vocal (with yourself and with others) and assert yourself more with others at work or in other areas of your life. Work towards what you want and don’t allow others to stop or slow you down. Trust your intuition during this time and see opportunities arise before you.

The High Priestess for Trust: Should You Trust Them?

As for trust, The High Priestess upright is telling you that you can trust the person in question. This is a positive affirmation, and it is important to remember that this card is often seen as a sign of good news.

If The High Priestess is reversed or appears in a difficult position, however, then it might be time to reconsider your trust in this person. In any case, it is always important to use your intuition and listen to your gut feeling when it comes to trust. After all, The High Priestess is the goddess of intuition!

What Is The High Priestess Trying to Tell You?

Other than the limited yes or no spread The High Priestess means, this tarot card can indicate that the seeker is on the right track with their intuition and a major arcana is always a symbol of potential good changes to come. This is a time to trust in what your intuition is telling you and go with that flow.

The High Priestess can also represent secrets, hidden knowledge, and mysteries. If this card shows up in your reading, it could be a sign that there is something you need to keep hidden or that there are secrets waiting to be revealed. Trust yourself and follow your true north, don’t allow others to hold you back with their own expectations of you.