Free Love Tarot: What is He Thinking?

The Tarot can give us insight into the thoughts and feelings of those we love. Whether this is an existing relationship, a crush or an ex-lover, the cards can allow us to peer into their hearts and minds to provide invaluable guidance on approaching them.

This spread can tell you:

  • If he is thinking of you.
  • What he’s thinking.

We can then channel a message from him and get an insight into your future together and love life in general. I can do a reading for you or, if you prefer, show you how to do one for yourself.

Free What Is He Thinking Tarot Spread

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Asking the Tarot: What is He Thinking?

There are certain rules to getting an insight into how someone else is feeling with the Tarot. The first step is always to be clear with your intention before drawing any cards.

Have their face clearly in your mind. Have the goal of your tarot cards clearly on what he is thinking. Whether for existing relationships or a romantic potential, be clear on what your connection is and where you would like it to be.

Be as specific as possible before you lift your tarot deck. Do you want to know if he’s in love with you, if he has a crush on you, how he feels about love or what he is focused on in general?

You also need to respect their free will. You can’t control what someone else is thinking and feeling, so it’s important to approach the cards with love and respect for who they are and have faith that you’ll get the answers you need.

Be open to the messages from your love tarot cards. Whatever the results, it can aid you in moving forward.

How to Perform a ‘What Is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread

'What Is He Thinking' Love Tarot Spread

If you’d rather do the spread yourself, the What Is He Thinking love tarot spread is simple to do. You just need a deck of cards and your focus. Make sure you follow the rules above.

Card 1: His General Feelings

It might be that he has romantic feelings toward you but is focused on other areas of his life. Or perhaps he’s afraid for his self-esteem and doesn’t want to make the first move.

The first card will give you an initial insight into his mind. Where it’s currently focused and what his focus is at this moment.

Card 2: His Intentions

This second card will speak to his intentions in love and life’s pursuits. Is he hesitant to love? Or is he open-hearted, ready to take the plunge? Combine this with the first card and get some insight into the near future of your connection together.

Card 3: His Thoughts of You

This might be the card you’re most interested in, but especially in this Tarot reading, you shouldn’t skip the other cards.

This one focuses on his current thoughts of you, whether they’re romantic or if they exist at all. It can give you an insight into romantic feelings, the potential for new love or whether you’re on their radar at all.

Card 4: His Thoughts on Relationships

what is he thinking love tarotThis card will give you a deeper understanding of how he feels about love and relationships in general. Does he feel like love can conquer all, or is love something to be taken slowly and carefully?

This love tarot card can give you more insight into what kind of love he is looking for and if that love could be with you.

Card 5: What Does He Want You to Know?

We can dig deeper with a full spread to channel a message from him, but this card can give you some insight into your person. Remember, the tarot cards power is in the combination of cards.

Mix how they currently think with what they want you to know, and it can help you decide what your first step should be to further your relationship.

Card 6: Your Potential Future Together

This not only looks at your fortune and future but also gives you an idea of how you can help things along. It might spell a life of happiness is just around the corner, or maybe, there’s something that needs to happen first.

(Optional) Card 7: What He Thinks About Another Person

This card is optional if there’s another love rival (or potential one), and you need to be clear about this before you draw a card. This card can tell you who (if anyone) is in the running for his attention and how real that relationship is.

So, if you want to ask the love tarot, ‘what is he thinking?’, remember that this kind of love Tarot reading needs to be done with respect and love. Respect for yourself, for him and for the Tarot. Be very clear on what you want to know, and don’t let yourself be overcome by the emotions of it all.

There’s often a deeper meaning to the Tarot cards that you might not see right away.

No matter what your love tarot reading reveals, remember to take a breath and trust yourself. Trust your intutition. Don’t be afraid of love, and don’t force the cards to give you answers. Have faith that the Universe will guide you to where you need to be.

The Tarot can be an incredibly powerful tool for helping you navigate the complex waters of how your partner thinks, but more importantly, it can guide you in getting the relationship you truly want.

Simple Three Cards Spread: What is He Thinking?

What is He Thinking Three Card Tarot Spread

If you want to make it even easier, you can use this simple spread. The first card focuses on a simple yes or no question for romance, while the second card looks at what he is thinking presently, and the final card looks at his potential thoughts of you in the future.

Important Cards for What Is He Thinking

Death Card

Forget the Hollywood meaning. This does not mean that he’s trying to kill you. It doesn’t mean he has negative feelings toward you. Any major arcana card in the Tarot is always high energy, and this immediately puts you in a position of power. He may be going through a huge transformation or rebirth, so don’t be scared if this card shows up.

His opinion of you is likely changing, even if he’s not consciously aware of it. You’re certainly on his mind in some form or another, but the most important thing is putting this card in the context of the position and the other cards around it. This is where the Tarot card’s power truly lies.

The Lovers Card

Alright, this is obviously a fantastic sign in any position if your goal is romance, but this is not all the information you need, and we shouldn’t limit the Tarot like this. How a man thinks is rarely as simple as a single card, and you should continue to look at the rest of the spread.

But I’m excited for you if you draw this card. It can indicate his feelings for you are deepening, but it’s still a major arcana, so he’s likely having a problem controlling (or even understanding) his emotions when it comes to you.

Remember, this doesn’t immediately mean he’s ready for a full-blown relationship. He might be trying to decide how he feels or struggling to understand his own thoughts. Let your intuition guide you here, and that can inform you on how to proceed.

Hanged Man

hanged manThe Hanged Man is sometimes one of the scariest cards in love readings when we’re trying to get insight into what he’s thinking. It can represent his emotions being stuck or ‘frozen’ like he’s dealing with conflicting feelings.

A love tarot reading is a lot more important than a single card, so don’t panic yet. It can also mean his desire is stuck by someone else or external expectations. How we interpret the card depends on the positions and other cards. It can also mean that he is thinking intently about you and looking for answers, but let the full spread give you the answer.

The World Card

Another major arcana with significance in tarot readings focused on love and what someone is thinking. This card indicates that he’s on the path of self-discovery and is looking for love or meaning in his life. It heralds creative potential and hard work but can also signify a unique relationship.

He may need time to process all his feelings (or perhaps needs your help to do so), but ultimately this is a fantastic sign. It can indicate that you’re linked together in some way on the higher levels.

Related Spread

You can follow this spread up with others to give you even further insight.

  • A does he love me Tarot spread can answer the question very pointedly. Be aware that whether he loves you now doesn’t necessarily account for his potential feelings. Being specific can help when asking the Tarot a question.
  • If this is about a potential person you have feelings for, a crush tarot spread can help you see the potential for this crush.
  • We’ve looked at what is he thinking but you can also ask the cards does he think about me?